Name Position Research Interests
Vihma, Timo Research Professor,
Group Leader
Polar meteorology and climatology
Arctic - Mid-latitude linkages
Atmospherics moisture budget in Polar regions
Boundary layer meteorology
Sea ice and snow
Cheng, Bin Senior Scientist Thermodynamics of snow and ice
Process numerical modelling (HIGHTSI)
Polar climate
Polar remote sensing data applications
Boreal and cold region lake phenology, snow and ice mass balance
Operational snow and sea ice forecasts for the seasonal ice-covered Seas
Field observations of snow and ice mass balance
Karpechko, Alexey Research Professor Large scale atmospheric circulation
Sub-seasonal to seasonal forecasts
Stratospheric processes
Stratosphere-troposphere interactions
Climate dynamics
Naakka, Tuomas Doctoral Researcher Atmospheric moisture
Nygård, Tiina Senior Scientist Atmospheric moisture and clouds
Thermodynamic structure of the atmosphere
Boundary layer meteorology
Mesoscale modelling (WRF)
Atmospheric reanalyses
Model validation
Pirazzini, Roberta Senior Scientist Snow albedo
Snow surface energy budget
Radiative transfer in the atmosphere and in the snow
Cloud radiative forcing
Snow microphysics
Shevnina, Elena Research Scientist Stochastic hydrology
Numerical modelling of hydrological processes
Statistical analysis of extreme events
Hydrological response to climate change
Glacier hydrology
Statnaia, Irina Doctoral Researcher Numerical Weather Prediction
Sub-seasonal to seasonal forecasts
Stratospheric processes
Stratosphere-troposphere interactions
Suomi, Irene Research Scientist Atmospheric boundary layer meteorology
Wind gusts
Wind energy meteorology
Tyrrell, Nicholas Researc Scientist Climate dynamics
Climate modelling
seasonal forecasting
Stratosphere-troposphere interactions
Urbancic, Gabin Doctoral Researcher