Bin Cheng Senior Scientist, Ph.D. Geophysics, Docent
Research Interests Thermodynamics of snow and ice
Process numerical modelling (HIGHTSI)
Polar climate
Polar remote sensing data applications
Boreal and cold region lake phenology, snow and ice mass balance
Operational snow and sea ice forecasts for the seasonal ice-covered Seas
Field observations of snow and ice mass balance
Main projects, participating in Polar Regions in the Earth System: Role of local-regional scale polar processes in the changing polar and global climate systems (PolarRES) EU Horizon 2020 project (2021-2025)
Arctic Forcing on European weather and climate (AFEC), Academy of Finland (2018-2022)
Integrated Arctic Observing System (INTAROS), EU Horizon 2020 (2017-2021)
Antarctic Meteorology and Snow Research: from Process Understanding to Improved Predictions (ASPIRE), Academy of Finland (2016-2020)
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