Alexey Karpechko Research Professor
Research Interests Large scale atmospheric circulation
Sub-seasonal to seasonal forecasts
Stratospheric processes
Stratosphere-troposphere interactions
Climate dynamics
Main projects PolarRES (Polar Regions in the Earth System, Horizon 2020 project funded by EU)
DynVar (Dynamical variability, an activity within WCRP/SPARC project aimed to understand the role of atmospheric circulation in climate variability and change)
SNAP (Stratospheric Network for the Assessment of Predictability, an activity within WCRP/SPARC project aimed to assess the role of the stratosphere in sub-seasonal climate predictability)
Past projects PREWIN (Seasonal predictions of wintertime climate: the role of the stratosphere, funded by the Academy of Finland)
Scientific Assessment Panel on Ozone Depletion (an UNEP/WMO sponsored project focused on informing the parties of the Montreal Protocol and amendments about ozone depletion)
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