Short CV: Alexey Karpechko


Docent, Meteorology, University of Helsinki, Finland (2014)
PhD, Meteorology, University of Helsinki, Finland (2007)
Candidate of Science, Atmospheric Physics, Moscow State University, Russia (2001) Master of Science, Oceanography, Russian State Hydrometeorological University, Russia (1996)


Current Position
Research Professor, FMI (2020 ->)
Previous Positions
Research Professor tenure track, FMI (2013-2020)
Head of Polar Meteorology and Climatology group, FMI (2018-2020)
Research Scientist, FMI, (2010-2013)
Senior Research Associate, University of East Anglia, UK (2007-2009)
Research Scientist, FMI, (2002-2007)
Research Assistant, Polar Geophysical Institute, Russia (1998-2002)


PolarRES (Polar Regions in the Earth System, Horizon 2020 project funded by EU)
PREWIN (Seasonal predictions of wintertime climate: the role of the stratosphere, funded by the Academy of Finland)
DynVar (Dynamical variability, an activity within WCRP/SPARC project aimed to understand the role of atmospheric circulation in climate variability and change)
SNAP (Stratospheric Network for the Assessment of Predictability, an activity within WCRP/SPARC project aimed to assess the role of the stratosphere in sub-seasonal climate predictability)
Scientific Assessment Panel on Ozone Depletion (an UNEP/WMO sponsored project focused on informing the parties of the Montreal Protocol and amendments about ozone depletion)