Research interests

My research interests include atmospheric turbulence, micrometeorology and boundary layer meteorology. In my ongoing PhD work I have focused on understanding the behaviour of wind gusts within the lowest couple of hundred meters above the surface. Gusts are, by definition, short duration maxima during longer observation periods. Traditionally in gust parameterization methods gusts are considered near the surface only, at 10 m reference height. In this work the aim is to develop these methodologies further to forecast gusts within a deeper layer from the surface up to a few hundred meters. This is an important question especially for wind energy because of the increasing trend in the wind turbine size, and because the gusts have a large effect on both the energy production as well as fatigue of wind turbines. The work is mainly based on gust and turbulence measurements from tall weather masts and from research aircrafts, thereby, I also have experience in flux measurement methods using eddy covariance technique. The development of gust parameterizations based on turbulence observations over different surface types, stability conditions and at different heights above surface contributes besides to the development of gust forecasts but also to the understanding of the dynamics of gusts.

In addition to gusts and turbulence, I have also experience in other fields of boundary-layer research. They include development of Finnish forest fire warning system (prediction and monitoring of soil/fuel moisture conditions, EU/FP6/PREVIEW project), application of weather information to the assessment model of human thermal comfort (COST Action 730 on UTCI, Universal Thermal Climate Index), and research on marine fog (MSc thesis) and on forecasting the weather conditions favourable for avalanches (bachelor's thesis).