Research interests

My scientific background is based on studies and work related to polar geophysics and meteorology. I have completed my master's degree at the University of Helsinki (Geophysics Department) in 2011. Since then I have been enrolled as doctoral student to the Department of Atmospheric Science of the University of Helsinki. My studies have also included specific polar science courses taken at the University Center in Svalbard, Norway.
I started working with polar research questions in 2009, first as research assistant at the University of Helsinki and from 2010 onwards at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The frame of my research has been in the analysis measured and modeled data, although I have also carried out modeling studies with Elmer/Ice glacier model, and have been involved in earth system modeling. My study topics have all been related to surface energy balance of snow covered areas.

I am interested in studying energy and mass exchanges between the snow or ice covered surfaces and atmosphere using observational data and modeling. In addition to understand small scale physical processes taking place at the cryosphere-atmosphere boundary, I am interested in how cryosphere-atmosphere interactions affect the earth system in a larger scale and in climatological timescales.