Poster gallery

Towards better tailored weather and marine forecasts in the Arctic to serve sustainable economic activities and infrastructure (TWASE)

Oulu, Finland

UAV Measurements in the Antarctic

UAV Workshop
Helsinki, Finland

Best student poster presentation

Surface mass balance modelling and velocity inversion for Midtre Lovénbreen

29.10 - 31.10. 2015
International Glaciological Society Nordic Branch meeting
Copenhagen, Denmark

Wind Gusts over Arctic Sea Ice and Open water

High Latitude Dynamics Workshop
Rosendal Norway

Humidity inversions - a key to understand polar clouds better?

High Latitude Dynamics Workshop
Rosendal Norway

Early summer turbulent ice-atmosphere CO2 exchange over fjord ice in Young Sound, North East Greenland

Arctic Change 2014
Ottawa, Canada

Simulation of katabatic winds: comparison of terrestrial polar ice sheets and Mars

XXXIII SCAR Biennial Meetings / 2014 Open Science Conference
Auckland, New Zealand

Simulations of Midtre Lovénbreen, Svalbard, with a full Stokes glacier model Elmer/Ice

International Symposium on Contribution of Glaciers and Ice Sheets to Sea Level Change
Chamonix, France

Analysis of factors controlling inter-annual variability and trends in surface melt over Greenland

European Geosciences Union General Assembly
Vienna, Austria